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Long ago, when kings ruled kingdoms, dragons roamed the earth. They terrorized humans, burned down villages, and caused mortal peril all over the earth.

During The Extinction, many dragons disappeared from the face of the earth. Many knights, soldiers, and warriors attacked and killed dragons. Some of them decided to fly off to an unknown world, far away from earth. As the humans believed the dragons were extinct, they partied, celebrated, and enjoyed easy life without the fear of a dragon, because the dragons were all gone, right?


In A.D. 2017, a strange sighting appeared. In a few months, many parts of California burned down. People thought they were coincidences, hoaxes, and accidents. However, The Reminiscence, an elite group of special military tactics trainers, discovered many creatures that are causing terror all across the world .

Now, 2 years later, the world lives in fear once more. Dragons have spread across the earth, and many people in The Reminiscence have lost their lives fighting these seemingly invincible dragons.

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